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NEFCO has over 100 origin and cause experts servicing 41 states. The experience of our court-qualified expert witnesses is helpful for subrogation, arson, and liability cases. Explore our interactive map to locate an analyst.
From small fires to extensive multi-party fire scenes and litigation proceedings, working with NEFCO will allow you to focus on the claim at hand while we coordinate efforts with subrogation, SIU, and other interested parties. Review all of the services we offer. 
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Have you recently undergone a loss due to a fire accident? Let one of our origin and cause experts investigate the scene. Get started right away and submit an assignment today. A NEFCO court qualified analyst will contact you shortly. 


NEFCO specializes in fire investigations for the insurance industry and pledges comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective service.

The investigation of fires requires EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, EDUCATION, and a thorough knowledge of fire science. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for investigation companies to employ fire investigators who have little experience, expertise, or education in the determination of fire origin and cause. These deficiencies usually show up years later, during litigation, where the stakes are high and the outcome is often costly.