About NEFCO Fire Investigations

NEFCO is the country’s leading fire investigation company serving more than one half of the United States.  Established and founded in 1993 by James R. Eddy, NEFCO remains a family owned and operated company.  Today, David Eddy, owner and president of NEFCO, has grown our firm to over 100 origin and cause experts throughout our coverage area across the continental United States. Each of our fire experts are carefully vetted, highly qualified and hold credentials as CFI, CFEI or both which ensure our clients the highest level of expertise. Currently, NEFCO’s team of fire investigators average 20 years of experience in either fire or police service, or both. Our investigators are well versed in NFPA 921 & 1033, have extensive court experience and diligently pursue subrogation opportunities.

We can provide comprehensive fire investigations on structures ranging from small buildings, vehicles and heavy equipment to large commercial properties. Our experience in fire investigations, processing fire scenes, testing of evidence, and court experience has resulted in our clients recovering millions of dollars.

In addition to our fire investigators, we offer electrical engineers throughout several regions who routinely perform vital scene examinations. Our engineering staff offers on-site examination that may later continue with non-destructive of destructive testing in one of our  state-of-the-art laboratories located in Florida, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Indianapolis (Indy opening in late 2021).  Our lab facilities can accommodate as few as 2 and as many as 20 experts, including their associated legal counsel and insurance company representatives.

Being one of the few fire investigation companies with digital X-ray capabilities allows us to complete destructive and non-destructive examinations with little wasted time waiting for other laboratories to accommodate those requests. For additional information please contact services@nefco.net or call 800-675-8500.

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    NEFCO provides nearly 150 origin and cause experts strategically located across the continental United States. Explore our interactive map to find the right origin and cause investigator.